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The Hipbone Game's Journal

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26th April 2003

lokionfire12:42pm: Game #1 con't
So, realizing it's difficult to follow up on games when're they're 300 or 400 entries down your friends list, I thought I'd post again with an updated image on the progression of the game, along with the text of all the beads placed. Also, feel free to start other games, the community is naturally designed so that multiple games can be going at once. The game is getting pretty tough, with Position 9 connected to 5 other beads, many of them pretty random. Here we go:

LokiOnFire - #4 - BloggingCollapse )

Kyobu - #6 - VoyeurismCollapse )

Keethrax - #8 - Distance DistortionCollapse )

Kyobu - #5 - The Steam EngineCollapse )

APrivateFox - #3 - ScaleCollapse )

Keethrax - #7 - InterdependenceCollapse )

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2nd April 2003

lokionfire3:39pm: Game Initiation # 1 ; Theme: Technology and Ethics
Well, let's see how this idea works out. I'm going to initiate the first game on a Circuit Board. Since the ideas have been running around my head lately, I want to focus on technology and its effect on ethics. For a given move, provide a paragraph or so of explanation (as an independent topic and how it is related to those around it). Each bead or concept need not be a type of technology or a given issue affected - be creative.

In slot #4, I'm going to put "blogging", since it's appropriate. Blogging is an interesting example, since it violates social traditions (even more so than instant messaging) and is still relatively unknown by the public. As a result it's ethically ambiguous. I myself am unsure whether or not it's a helpful social tool which strengthens bonds, a simple forum for the written word, or an unhealthy crutch which is used to overcome social weaknesses.

Many of my friends find the institution bizarre and find it isolating. I myself have seen innumerable occasions in which friends have left friends' conversations to go see who has updated. On the other hand, I feel that a number of my friendships have been strengthened substantially by it.


Whoever wants to, feel free to continue the game.

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kyobu12:35pm: Welcome to the Hipbone Game community! The User Info explains what's going on.

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